If you find that you seeing faint scans, even just after the judging has started (and you don't want to lose the judgements), here is what to do.

  1. Rescan the sheet(s)

First of all, rescan the sheets that are faint after the scanning (this can happen if pupils have written in pencil, for example - we do advise that pen is used if at all possible). Try scanning the assessment sheets on a different setting, for example using 'pencil' setting, or changing the contrast, to try to make the writing as clear as possible. If it is still faint, it might be best to get the pupil to rewrite the page using a darker colour. Rescan the sheets and check the quality of the PDF.

2. Upload the PDF

Upload the PDF to the task in the normal way. Click on the Scan completed assessments & upload scans link and then click on the 'Choose Files' ****button and select your PDF file(s) of scans to upload:


3. Exclude the duplicates

You will now have duplicate sheets - both the faint sheets and the new sheets - - a red dot on the Duplicates tab will indicate their presence.

Click on the Duplicates tab to fix these:


To Exclude any faint duplicate sheets, click on the bottom right-hand box of the thumbnail image for those sheets and then press the tick button.

Excluded sheets will be shown by a solid star in the top-left of the image.

Included sheets will be shown by an empty star.

You have now replaced the faint sheets with the new sheets.