In this article, we guide you through the process of getting started with your Assessing Primary Writing subscription and setting up your tasks.

Signing up

If you have not done so already, instructions on how to sign up for APW are provided here.

Checking your account

If you have signed up already, please start by checking your account to make sure that all the required tasks are there and to make sure you have all the required connections and subscriptions.

Set up your task

Now you can get started with setting up your next task. That should appear in your Current National Tasks section. The calendar for the tasks is provided here.

Before you start setting up your task, you might find this introductory video on getting started useful.

Help articles on uploading your candidate details, downloading your writing sheets, and scanning and uploading your writing sheets are provided here.

Details of the tasks

The details of the APW tasks and conditions are provided here.

Setting up your judging

We will provide reminders and necessary details for setting up your judging. However, details of setting up your judging are given here.