How to customise the answer sheet template for in-house writing tasks to suit you and your pupils' requirements

When setting up an in-house task, before you generate the Coded answer sheets, you might choose to customise the look and feel of the answer sheets. You might want to change the size of line spacing that you have, or the number of pages available for that task, for example.

Note that for national assessments where we will set a particular template to ensure consistency, you will NOT be able to customise the answer sheets.

Click into your task from the task list and go to the Settings page for the task (by clicking on the 'Settings' button).

Then click on the Script Generation tab:


If you click under 'Template' you will see a drop-down list offering you a choice of answer sheet formats:


Medium Lines

We would suggest using medium lines when asking older candidates to complete a writing task (lines approx 8mm apart)

Wide Lines

We would suggest this is the best option when asking younger children to complete a writing task (lines approx 11mm apart)


No lines, so the best option if you are creating a maths task, for example

Upload PDF

This option is for if you choose to use an existing pdf file that you have on your computer as a template - for example one that includes a question or stimulus for the task at the top of the sheet(s).