A comparative judgement study is called a Task in No More Marking.

In your account, make sure you are in the My Tasks page (you can see all of your existing tasks by clicking on the All Tasks tab).

To add a new task, click on Create a Custom Task on the right hand side:


You will first of all be taken to the Settings page for this new task (which you can always get back to by clicking on the 'Settings' button).

On the left hand side, you will see the automatic name for the task which shows the date and time that it was created (in this case Task 2020-07-22 14:25:04):


There are a number of tabs we can look at in Settings but as researchers we will just concentrate on the General tab (the other tabs are for assessment use in schools).

We can now modify details of the task. In the Task Name field enter the name you want to give the task, which will be visible to you and your judges.

In the Judge Question field enter the criterion for your judges. For example, you may want your judges to decide on 'the better essay?' or 'the better mathematician?' The judge question will be visible to the judges when they are judging.

Set the Use Codes field to 'No'. As researchers we won't be using coded answer sheets.

Generally, you will leave the values for the Scaled Score Min and the Scaled Score Range as the defaults. You can scale your data as normal after exporting them when you are all done with No More Marking.

Ignore Use Anchors and ignore Moderation Code, as researchers we won't need them.

Your participants can mobile upload images directly from their mobile devices. To enable this set the Allow Camera Uploads field to 'Yes'.

Remember to press the 'Update' button to save all the details of your task!

Your task is now created, and you are ready to follow the other steps to carry out the task.