A guide to help you run Assessing Primary Writing national assessment windows during partial school closures

If not all of your children are back in school early in the 2020-21 academic year, or not all at once, then we have some guidelines for making sure that they can still take part in Assessing Primary Writing.

However, please remember, the children can only take part in the Assessing Primary Writing national windows if they complete their work:

This is to ensure that the tasks are taken 'cold', in a standardised environment. The tasks, which will be released a week before the 'Writing Window', will consist of an image or text stimulus that will prompt the children to write.

Please see our advice below for how to deal with the following scenarios:

  1. I have some pupils who were absent on the day of the assessment
  2. Not all my pupils are in school at the same time - e.g. some are in one week, others the next
  3. I have some pupils who were absent for the couple of weeks when this assessment window was scheduled, but they are now back
  4. I have some pupils who are long term absent or being educated remotely
  5. My school will be shut to most pupils when this assessment window is scheduled

1. I have some pupils who were absent on the day of the assessment

If most children complete their writing during the scheduled writing week, but a few are absent, then please administer the assessment with those absentees in the following week if possible, and upload the scanned image(s) as early as you can that week.

(However, if they are absent for much longer, then please refer to Section 3.)