Preparing for, and running, an Assessing Writing in Australia judging session in school

1. Send the information for AWA judges to your teachers

So that your teachers can make their judgements as reliably as possible, before they sign up for the judging, please send them this link as preparatory reading:

2. Please check the calendar for the judging window for the given task.

3. Send out the judging sign up link to your teachers in preparation for the judging session

Make sure you have tried the judging sign up yourself and that it works (sign yourself up as a judge)! Please make sure you have correctly set the judging quotas for the number of candidates and judges that you have. Click here for the help guide for setting up your judges.

4. Work out how long it will take to judge

When you set the judging quotas in the step above, it will calculate how many decisions each judge needs to do. On average, a decision takes about 20 - 30 seconds. So if each judge needs to do 50 decisions, you should be able to complete the judging in about 25 minutes. Here are a couple of worked examples that show you how long judging will take.