Before you carry out your judging on the Assessing Writing in Australia (AWA) task, please take a look at this step-by-step guide which will support you in making your judgements as reliable as possible.

(1) Prepare for the grade you are judging

AWA is an assessment for Year 2, 4 and 6 students (primary) and Year 8 and 10 students (secondary).

If you don't normally teach this year, familiarise yourself with the kind of work you will be seeing. To help, here are some examples of writing from our recent assessments:

(2) Use your professional judgement

As highlighted above, we do want you to use your professional judgement during the judging. One of the advantages of comparative judgement is the flexibility it provides in making decisions. Please see this blog on the considerations that judges make in their AWA decisions.

What do judges look for? Formative considerations for the judgement of writing

(3) Take a look at the task test materials

When you sign up as a judge on a task, you will see the corresponding assessment stimulus there. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this.

(4) Don't worry if you make a mistake

If you accidentally click the wrong left or right button during your judging, and you immediately realise, you can undo your last judgement by clicking on the Undo button at the top of a screen. This will remove the last judgement and you will then see a new comparison to make.

(5) If you see a script that is a cause for concern

If you a see a piece of writing that causes some concerns for you - it might be something about the subject matter for example - please click on the question at the top of the screen and leave a comment about that decision you are making. Please then notify your colleague who is coordinating the AWA assessment and they can contact No More Marking to follow up.